Interview with Grayson Kramer of Bedford Brown


GK: Bedford Brown
Shop Name:
GK: Bedford Brown
When did the store open?
GK: October 2003 as Bedford Brown.
How did you get started in the business?
GK: We actually started as West coast Plant Company, and then made a slow transition into what we are today. We have been in business for 30 years!
What do you love about owning the shop?
GK: We love that it is constantly changing!
What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of the business?
GK: Staying current and finding new and interesting things to fill our client’s home.
“What we’ve learned in the business is the complicated side of design…it takes a lot of work to make things look good!”
What is your favorite entertaining or design tip?
GK: Make things simple, but elegant. Don’t over think it. White plates, wonderful food and floral arrangements are always a good starting point. As far as design, I would say-let’s make your space the best it can be! We don’t have to throw everything out, we just need to figure out how to make everything work together.
Do you have any favorite pieces in the store right now?
GK: Some of our one of a kind pieces…including 2 antique Italian stage props!
What is your favorite quote?
GK: “Get the look!”
What items are your best sellers?
GK: LEE upholstery, lamps, and side tables! Can’t keep them on the floor!
Why They Do It?
“We are really three stores in one. Between our high end store, green house, and stone yard, it can be a bit overwhelming…but we all love the process so much. We are all more than happy to make you feel comfortable with all that we do, and hope to get you to love it just as much!”-Grayson Kramer, Bedford Brown5522_image
Tell us about your team members.
GK: We have a very talented and knowledgeable staff, who all have diverse pasts; this gives our store a wonderful feel.
What is the importance of customer service?
GK: We strive to create relationships with our clients, so much so, that they come in just to say hello and enjoy our space. We exchange holiday cards, send gifts, and really develop the feeling of true friendships.
What sets your business apart from online shopping?
GK: Our attention to detail! Everything is gone over with a critical eye, so the client is getting the best products!
Do you have a favorite customer story?
GK: I can’t single one out! We have such a wide array of clients, with many different projects, styles, and backgrounds; it’s been amazing getting to work with all of them.
Are there any restaurants or shops in the area that you like to visit?
GK: Blue Hour, Café Nell, Jo Bar – Uptown Papers, Two Tarts Bakery and The Heights Consignment shop are some of our favorites!
Do you have any upcoming events in your area that you want to share?
GK: We are redesigning our courtyard and are planning a summer bash to unveil it…date to be determined, stay tuned!
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Portland, OR

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