Elevated County Living – By Janie Molster Designs


Janie Molster’s design philosophy? “Even the most sophisticated designs, when handled thoughtfully, should infuse a space with warmth and personality.” The REstyle team thinks you’ll agree, this stunning country home by Janie Molster Designs is true to this philosophy in every sense, and is brimming with life, warmth and unique personality. Designed as a “beloved second home” for clients located in The Homestead Preserve in Warm Springs, Virginia, the inspiration came from previous family vacations. “My clients were inspired by the rustic qualities of a ranch they visit in Wyoming,” explains Janie, “and wanted to bring a similar vibe in their decor. We took that concept and broadened it.” Incorporating plenty of plush upholstery, textiles, warm-toned woodwork and contemporary artwork, this home is a comfortable, stylish year-round getaway for this very active family. We reached out to Janie for more designer notes from this project, as well as sources so that you can shop this look as well!
“In addition to the rustic architecture, animal prints, cowhides, and leathers…we mixed in plush upholstery, vintage Turkish kilims, flocked velvet pillows, and contemporary artwork.”
“The challenge was keeping the elements strong enough to stand up to the dramatic timber-framed ceiling construction. The interior furnishings were scaled for visual weight as well as comfort.”