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Saint Dizier Home is located in the charming town of Healdsburg, California. For Jacques Saint Dizier, design is more than planning a space; it’s about transforming a house into a comforting home. Supported by a dedicated team, Jacques spends time understanding his clients and their needs, making sure to take in all the big and little details that make them unique. By doing so, they are able to outfit their clients homes with stylish furnishings that are a true reflection of their individual tastes.
Saint Dizier Home offers design services and some of the best home furnishings in the industry. From lofty sofas to refined table settings, there’s no shortage of products and design ideas and pieces to help Jacque and his team transform your home.
Seen In
Saint Dizier Home designs have been featured in numerous publications including Architectural Digest, Trends, and House & Garden. No doubt we’ll see them in more upcoming design publications- proudly displayed on our coffee table.
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Healdsburg, CA
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Saint Dizier Home where you can step off of the plaza in this charming town and be transported into a world of easy elegance and comfortable sophistication. Saint Dizier accomplishes the goals of their design clients by listening, responding and creating environments that stylishly reflect individual tastes.